Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor

This position is located with the Engineering Service Line, Transportation and Grounds Section at the Tuskegee Campus, Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System (VAVHCS), Tuskegee, AL.
The primary purpose of this position is to furnish leadership, instruction, and supervision to subordinate employees assigned to the Transportation and Grounds Section.
You will be responsible for inspecting the work of the employees for compliance with specifications and ensuring that proper procedures, safety rules, and regulations are being followed.
Responsibilities include overseeing employees in the Grounds Section and the Transportation section that are responsible for transporting eligible Veterans, caregivers and employees using government owned and leased vehicles.
The duties of this position include, but are not limited to:
Develops and maintains working knowledge of VA guidelines, policies and procedures; Applies good working knowledge of computer systems and software essential to the successful performance of duties; Keeps informed of the rapid advancements in the various Alternative Fuel Vehicles and fleet regulations; Applies knowledge of the care and upkeep of turf, shrubs, trees, and plants including the proper use of agricultural fungicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, both organic and chemical; Instructs others on the safe operation of tools, equipment, and vehicles; Applies knowledge of the proper maintenance of all equipment; and Functions independently in management and allocation of fleet resources and manpower.
Work Schedule:
Monday through Friday, 8:
00am ,- 4:
30 pm Position Description Title/PD#:
Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor, # 092340

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